Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More of the cabinets

I have to say I so love a bit of tribal jewellery.  
White metals, old coins, giant rings...
the look and even the sound they make.

See the amazing jug this necklace is draped on?  It is a piece that 
has been salvaged from a shipwreck off Indonesia.  This particular piece 
is dated around 950 AD.  It is just one of a few pieces we managed to 
get for the shop.  

Another tribal piece - this time in an antique gold finish.

These rings are all adjustable so you don't have to worry about sizes - one
size fits all.

This ring weighs in at about 50cm.  I love big rings on other people, but
have to say it surprised me how much i love it on me.  Definitely one of my

This gypsy bracelet is sitting amongst good company.  The leathery looking
ceramic bowl is another ancient salvaged piece.  The red tikka boxes are old
and no two are alike.  Then of course there is one of Stuart's frames
behind.  Handcrafted and gilded in white gold.

More jewellery, this time handmade and a total one of a kind.
The bowl ...  another salvaged piece.
This bowl and the jug at the beginning are the ones I would 
love to take home.